Your Own Time




Songs no one will listen


It comes in waves.
Blurred thoughts on papers.






Lonely notes on a friday night…


Then it begins to consume
my brain like a cancer.



“Love made me.”
Inscription over Gates of Hell, Dante’s Inferno

 I should have stayed with God.
 I tried and I failed, and created a holocaust.”
Jeffrey Dahmer.

So yeah,
this one is all about destroying
something beautiful.

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Melodies as illustrated chapters will
be coming…



Dear Sadness, Please Don’t Leave

This is a really old artwork, almost 05 years now…


Not much in mind.
Bring me that beast.
Bring me it alive cause I want to
eat it screaming.

Stick my teeth into it’s throat.
Rip off the guts with my fingers.
Bring me this beast now.
I want to mix the spit in my mouth
with it’s blood.

I want the filth from my teeth infect it’s soul.
Bring me this bastard demon..
I’ll cut his fucking legs.
Let me crush him with my own hands, feel
him explode and melt down in my arms.

I need it.
Let me finish him.
Let me swallow and spit.
Let me show to this motherfocker who’s
the fuking boss here.

Let me feel the full strenght of this void.
All despair of a man lost in a point inside
the shell of a body sailing at midnight in
a small boat on an endless ocean.

Bring me this beast, love.
I want to finish him.
I want to stop the pain.

It was when I realize what art meant to me,
I’ll probably be another suicidal kid
if wasn’t for it.
no will to eat,
no will to party,
no will to be social.
It was when I realize I am always trying to
deconstruct the void in my stomach to get
to the bottom of this sorrow stuck in me,
deep down I like the feeling, it keep
bringing me a hole new perspective
to everything.

It’s funny when I try to remember,
I have strange memories of those days,
like shining lights reflected on glass doors,
or lonely windows on buildings.
Anyways, this was when I create this
artwork, which I title, obviously,


On August, 2011, “Sadness” became part of
the book “The Devil Always Come for
another Drink”, illustrating the poem in
the beginning of this post. I did more 30
illustrations after this one, including the
cover, for this book. “The Devil Always
Come for Another Drink” was written
by one of my idols: Nene Altro, and is
now sold out.


On the same year, after I did some small
expositions in my town, “Sadness” went to
the São Paulo gallery “Urban Arts” and
stayed there for a couple of years.


Recently I did some small changes on
this art to use in my graphic novel
Ghosts in the wind“.


This is a really old artwork,
almost 05 years now…
But I just can’t leave it behind.



Omelete Concepts


The website Omelete, considered the greatest
pop culture portal in Brazil, released today
in a interview with writer Raphael Draccon
some concepts that I developed for his new
upcoming book “Cemitérios de Dragões”
(Cemeteries of Dragons). To view all
Concept arts with colors, know more about
the book and the partnership in the graphic
novel “Fios de prata” (silver strings)
just click on the image. (texts in portuguese).


The Ranger
“The skin of the biosuit seemed to recycle carbon
dioxide and other debris and were probably able
to absorb energy from sunlight, creating a lasting
supplement of water and air…”


“As consequence, he felt the armor breathe…”
(Cemeteries of Dragons)




My son was born on the coldest morning of
may, 2014. Not shed a tear…


He tirelessly pronounce the vowel “u”
while smiling;
he has a big tummy;
wears socks with squirrel ears;
don’t sleep much;
and, in his spare time, he enjoys hunting
white sharks.

I always had this big emptiness inside me
that could not be filled with anything and
anyone, now I don’t have it anymore.
In only a few months 
I already love my little
boy enough for a lifetime.